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Though this was a giant leap forward there was still a spatial limitation because of the SPECT component of the fused imaging. This limitation was considered fundamental as nuclear medicine is based on a low energy gamma wave. The resulting reconstructed SPECT images costovertebralis arthrosis Bone appear to truly costovertebralis arthrosis the distribution of metabolically active bone within the skeletal system with sharper differentiation between cortical and spongy costovertebralis arthrosis in the vertebrae, as well as in flat bones like the pelvis, scapula and skull.

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This also provides fine detail which helps differentiate between the cortex and marrow cavity in long bones and improved separation of bone from joint spaces—both for large joints such as the knee and shoulder costovertebralis arthrosis for small bones such as carpals and tarsal bones.

Everyone can appreciate the difference as shown below.

  • Metrics details Abstract Spinal involvement is frequent in rheumatoid arthritis RA and seronegative spondyloarthritides SpAand its diagnosis is important.
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Both images are taken from a single slice of the human pelvis and images courtesy of Garran Medical Imaging. Figs below.

erős váll hátfájás nyaki osteochondrosis kezelése nőknél

This is further illustrated using image phantoms as in Fig. This is a phantom to test the resolution of our camera. For the whole study see our research in the European Journal of Hybrid Imaging. Dr Iain Duncan has been a pioneer in the application of this technology and was recently invited to share his experience with others at a World Molecular Imaging Summit in Lausanne, Switzerland, May see his lecture here.

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